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Summer Blossom Facial Scrub

  • Midsummers day has finally come and there is a flurry of activity in the village. All over town people are preparing for tonights bonnefyre celebration. A large maypole covered in birch leaves and flowers stands in the centre of the village, children dancing merrily around it. Everyone has ventured outside of their homes this day and cheerful laughter fills the air. All of the young women in sight wear flowers in their hair, either in the form of a floral wreath or plaited into their locks. The smell of basket upon basket of ripe strawberries tantalizes you. Perhaps tonight is the night you will finally see the dancing elves that are said to come out on this most enchanted night. Evening falls and the fire is lit. Music fills the town and the villagers dance and leap and laugh and drink. There is a spark in the air that is unlike any other day of the year. An electric energy courses through you, hungry for something out of the ordinary, anticipating something spectacular.... Something magickal. You suddenly feel inclined to turn towards the forest. A figure stands there silently, a girl, you think. You move doesn't seem she has seen you yet. Suddenly she moves in the direction of the bonnefyre and into the crowd of people. You follow her closely. She has on a loose shift of pale gold that falls above her knees, and nothing at all upon her feet. Her hair is the colour of moonlight, falling loosely down her back, and a wreath of pink and yellow roses sits upon her delicate head. She begins to dance in time with the energetic music that is playing in celebration of the summer solstice. You see her face for the first time, and are stunned by her supernatural beauty. With lilac eyes, iridescent skin, and long, graceful limbs, she dances, captivating you. Suddenly she turns to face you, pulls you into her arms and kisses you deeply on the mouth. After a moment she pulls away and smiles, then turning towards the forest with light footed grace, she runs in that direction. You go to call after her but her shift falls from her body and a pair of translucent wings like those of a butterfly unfold behind her. She leaps and takes to the sky, and with one last glance back towards you, she disappears into the forest.

    This Grain and flower based cleanser will gently exfoliate and soften the skin while also enriching it with proteins and glow inducing vitamins, revealing brighter, healthier skin. 

    • Ingredients:
    • Organic Avena sativa (Oats)-Exfoliating, conditioning and protecting, Organic oatmeal helps to reduce inflammation and provide a gentle exfoliation for dull, dry skin.It has demulcent properties that soothe and help protect.
    • Organic Rosa damascena (Rose Petals)-Known for its beautifying properties, Organic Rose will calm the skin and tone your skin
    • Organic Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender)- This powerful flower will aid in healing and soothing your delicate facial skin.
    • Organic Calendula officinalis (Marigold)-Calendula is an incredible healer in part because of its potent antioxidant content. this beautiful bloom will refresh, rejuvenate and smooth your Skin.
    • Organic Chamomilla Recutita (Chamomile)We all know how soothing Chamomile can be for our minds and our internal bodies, but did you know that those soothing properties carry over to our skin as well? externally Chamomile is incredibly calming and will help to provide relief for and irritated, itchy skin, as well s protect it fro environmental damage.
    • Organic Centaurea cyanus (Corn Flower)-A skin softener and anti-inflammatory, this is a skin loving herb.
    • Organic Coconut Milk Powder-Coconut milk is incredibly hydrating, nourishing and gentle for all skin types.
    • Blend of Essential oils
  • usage: mix a half a tsp of the grains with enough water to make a paste, massage into the face and neck and rinse off. May also leave on as a softening masque, in which case let sit until it dries and the proceed to rinse off.

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