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She-Dragon Nectar

  • She is a Dragon. She is unbelievably ferocious and powerful, and in possession of such ungodly beauty that it is nigh impossible to turn away. There are always those who would try to strike her down, in a crusade for a trophy to make themselves seem formidable... but we all know that those who come too close will, in the end, feel her fire and bathe in it. They can never destroy her because she is the very definition of indestructible. With iridescent scales that gleam brightly even in the blackest night, she is truly a wonder to behold.

    The botanical essences in this nectar have been chosen specifically for their properties to reduce inflammation and pigmentation, keeping your skin as magnificent as a dragon.

    • Distilled water- Because you can't have flower waters without the water.
    • Organic Fragaria vesca* (Strawberry)- As well as bursting with Vitamin C, Strawberries have a very high salicylic acid content which is a well known blemish fighter, improving cell turnover and killing bacteria. Strawberries also contain properties that halt production of MMP- enzymes that are destructive to collagen.
    • Organic Matricaria recutita* (Chamomile)- Chamomile isn't only good for sleepy time teas or as a digestive aid. It is extremely beneficial for the skin, containing high amounts of the anti-oxidants azulene and bisabolol which are great for fighting and preventing acne, as well as diminishing pigmentation.
    • Organic Vegetable Glycerine*- Vegetable glycerine is a clear, sweet viscous liquid that is processed from plant matter. In skin care it is used for its powerful humectant, or moisture drawing, properties. In humid climates it will draw moisture out of the air and onto your skin, but in dry climates it can draw moisture out of your skin if you are not wearing a moisturizer over top. If however you do live in a dry climate and wear a moisturizer over top, it enhances the moisturizer's effects.
    • Non-alcoholic distillate of Hammamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel)- In herb and in distillate form, Witch Hazel is toning, extremely cleansing and  good for balancing and maintaining all skin conditions. We chose to use a non-alcoholic distillate because alcohol can be too drying for some skin types.

    *Denotes certified organic and/or wild crafted ingredient

  • Usage: Use as a toner/ makeup setting spray, or whenever your skin needs a pick-me-up. In dry climates use under moisturizer or facial oil. 

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