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Pearl Lace

  • Is there anything more dreamy than twirling around a ball room with a beautiful suitor, in a lacy, frothy, delectable, pure white gown. You are a striking image of beauty with an ethereal air of innocence (in pretence only, we hope). In your guise as a swan maiden the whole room has their eyes on you...and indeed, rightly so!

     Our pearl lace masque is exactly what you need to feel ready to indulge in the adoration. As luxurious as a creamy cloud, this mask will have you feeling refreshed and ready to put your best face forward at any festivity you choose to appear. With soothing, calming ingredients like kaolin clay, rose petals, aloe and cucumber, you will feel confident enough to make your entrancing entrance.

    • White Kaolin Clay- Kaolin is a very soft, mild clay. It is absorbant, gently stimulating and disinfectant, yet it will not over dry the skin. It is wonderful for all skin types including for those with sensitive skin.
    • Powdered Coconut milk- Coconut milk is very mild and soothing. It helps to soften and moisturize the skin. It also smells heavenly.
    • Organic Vanilla planifolia* (Vanilla Bean)- High in vitamins and very soothing, Vanilla is also gently anti-bacterial and anti-aging.
    • Organic Rosa damascena* (Rose petals)- softens and imparts a glow to the skin.
    • Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) Extract- Besides being soothing and healing it is also anti-septic, cooling to the skin and contains Aloin which is a natural mild sunblock.
    • Cucumis sativus (Cucumber) ExtractCooling and calming, cucumber is high in antioxidants and silica and will help to gently brighten and smooth the complexion.

    *Denotes certified organic and/or wild crafted ingredient

  • Formulated for sensitive/normal skin.                           Our masques are powders that you mix with equal parts liquid (1/2 tsp) to create a paste like consistency, before applying to your face and neck and leaving on for up to half an hour. Some options you have for the liquid addition include (but are not limited to) the following:

    For more moisturization: Milk, if you are like us than it will be milk of the non-dairy variety, coconut milk is especially moisturizing but almond, oat, etc can also be used.

    For more exfoliation- diluted apple cider vinegar. This is good for sloughing off dead skin cells, reducing pigmentation and balancing the skin. Just be wary and play around with the dilution, especially if you have sesnitive skin. If used too often it may result in irritation.

    For soothing/healing- As vegans we do not use this, but honey for those who use it can be beneficial in soothing dry, irritated skin. A vegan alternative for soothing/ healing properties is aloe vera gel or juice.

    And you can always simply use water, our beautiful source of life. Keep in mind that filtered or softened water is best when it comes to skin care.

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