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Glow Set

Where inner Light Meets outer Glow
What do you get when you take our best selling Facial Oils and our gorgeous botanical Facial Mists and put them together? Unbelievably glowing, healthy and rejuvenated skin. Whether you are looking to treat blemishes, turn back time on your skin or simply maintain your lovely complexion, we have a formula for you. This set is perfect as a gift or of course, to pamper yourself with. We all need a little TLC. Let us make your holiday shopping a little more radiant!
Normal/Sensitive Skin
-Faerie Maiden Elixir
-Faerie Maiden Nectar (Rose/Cucumber)
Normal/Sensitive Skin- Men
-Demi-god Elixir
-Demi-God Nectar
Acne Prone Skin
-She-Dragon Elixir
-She dragon nectar (Strawberry/Chamomile)
Acne Prone Skin-Men 
-Sylvan Sage Elixir
-Sylvan Sage Nectar (Willow/Sage)
Damaged Skin
-Warrior Queen Elixir
-Warrior Queen Nectar (Lavender/Lemon)
Mature Skin 
-Wise Woman Elixir
-Wise Woman Nectar (Triple Berry)


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