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Bath Set

oil, sugar, salts. Yes, your body will thank you.
A completely Customizable bath set for you or your loved ones to enjoy. 
~Save 23% or $16 CAD when you purchase this set~
Hydrating Bath Salts infused with Herbs and Shea Butter. Designed to soften, detoxify and transport.
Circe's Isle- Lavender Rosemary
Forbidden Fruit- Citrus
Kitchen Witch- Clove and Sage
Secret Garden- Floral
Moisturizing Sugar Scrubs, made from Organic Cane Sugar and Tea Seed oil. You have never felt so smooth.
Flight- Mocha
Beauty- Rose Vanilla
Body Oil's with a twist. Embrace your Star signs and let these herb and Gemstone Infused oils moisturize your body and enhance your positive Zodiac traits.
The Archer-Sagittarius
The Bull- Taurus
The Crab- Cancer
The Goat- Capricorn
The Koi- Pisces
The Lion- Leo
The Ram- Aries
The Scales- Libra
The Scorpion- Scorpio
The Twins- Gemini
The Virgin- Virgo
The Water Bearer- Aquarius

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