Why oil?

There is a huge misconception within the beauty industry about putting oils onto your skin. We are told that they will clog our pores and make our faces oil slick greasy, but in reality oils do the opposite. It may sound counter-intuitive, but using oils on your face-especially high quality oils- actually inhibits the overproduction of sebum (oils produced by your sebaceous glands). This is because using cleansers and moisturizers that strip your face of oil sends your sebaceous glands into, essentially, “panic” mode. When this happens our sebaceous glands start to overproduce sebum, leaving us perplexed and wondering why our t-zone always shines like the sun halfway through the day.  Using oils as cleansers and moisturizers helps not only to nourish, protect, and heal the skin, but also to keep those sebaceous glands calm and stress-free leaving you radiant and glowing without the shine.


Do you use preservatives in your products?

Our Radiance Nectars, Because they are water based, do contain a very small amount (under 1%) of an ECOCERT preservative called Geogard ECT. The rest of our product line is preservative free.


What is the best way to prepare your ‘Meet Me at the Masquerade’ masques?

Using a liquid medium of your choice, a small non-metal bowl and a non-metal stirring utensil, mix until smooth. The amount of masque to liquid will depend on your preference. A tsp of the masque will be more than enough to cover your face and neck. Apply with fingers or mask brush (a soft, clean paint brush, or large makeup brush will work as well).


Is there a way to enjoy the benefits of your bath salts without the hassle of clean up?

Filling a Large teaball, tea bag, nut milk bag, etc with the salt and placing it under your running tap will allow you to enjoy the moisturizing, healing, and detoxifying benefits of the salts without the beautiful mess.


Why are labels like ‘Vegan’ , fairtrade’, ‘palm free’, ‘organic’, important to you?

We are strong advocates of compassion and consciousness. We want to minimize our negative impact to the animals, the earth, and human beings while maximizing our positive impact. Therefore we do our best to present you with products that are sustainable, high quality, and compassionate to all life, right from the source. All of our products are vegan and palm free. Most ingredients are organic and fair-trade.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do!


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes. In Canada, if you spend over $75 dollars you will not pay for shipping. Internationally, if you spend over 100 dollars (Canadian) shipping is free.