Giving Back

At Skinchantment we are shameless optimists and we like to help out wherever we can to help make life a little easier for those who need it. Our first, but not final, attempt at giving back goes to FARRM, our local animal sanctuary. It is run by an incredible young woman named Melissa and paid for mostly out of her own pocket along with some help from whatever donations are generously provided her.  Being staunch animal lovers and vegans ourselves, and having very fond feeling towards both Melissa and her resident animals we decided that we want to give 5 percent of our profits to help her and our fuzzy buddies out. Along with this endeavour, we have other plans for later on to include even more philanthropy in our business model. In our minds, the more we give, the better. Meanwhile, check out the FARRM website, and feel free to make your own donation. Every little bit of white magick helps.