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Secret Garden

  • You are sitting in the middle of a gated garden, a large brass key lies in your pocket, the one and only. Nobody else knows of this secret place. Roses crawl enchantingly up the stone walls, lilies and daffodils sprout up vibrant and beautiful from the lush green ground. An ancient guardian oak ascends mightily upward from the centre of the garden and fairies and butterflies flit through the flowers. A large pond with a small trickling waterfall that seems to come from inside the stone wall rests to your left, and it is filled with frogs and gold coins and colourful, glittering fish. You swear you have seen a mermaid with a golden tail sitting on the adjacent stone, brushing her pale hair, but then again... In a place where dreams are made that could be all she ever was. You  walk towards the oak and settle in the seat of the swing that hangs from its limbs, and you watch the world go by until the sun sets and it is once again time to return home.

    • Pure Himalayan Pink Salt- This pretty salt is extremely high in a wide array minerals, in fact it possesses over 80 different kinds, including iron and iodine. This makes it very beneficial, both for the skin and the body as a whole.It is helpful in treating a wide variety of skin conditions and is thought to pull toxins out through the skin.
    • Epsom SaltAlso known as Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4), epsom salts are widely used to relieve pain from sore muscles (due to the magnesium content which is most bioavailable when absorbed through the skin), and draw toxins out of the body. 
    • Organic Vitellaria paradoxa* (Shea nut Butter)Shea butter is a luxurious moisturizer and makes these bath salts dreamy and nourishing. It is very healing to the skin and provides a soothing, protective barrier, keeping your skin strong and resilient.
    • Organic Cocos nucifera* (Coconut Butter)gently healing and nourishing, coconut butter can be used to help soothe and diminish a variety of skin ailments including eczema, stretch marks, sunburns, etc.
    • Organic Rosa damascena* (Rose petals)the herbs in these bath salts, are by nature therapeutic but we're mostly chosen for their aesthetic appeal in our bath salt formulations. Rose is astringent, beautifying and moisturizing.
    • Organic Centaurea cyanus* (Corn flowers)-The herbs in these bath salts are, by nature, therapeutic but were mostly chosen for their aesthetic appeal in our bath salt formulations. Cornflower is anti-inflammatory, astringent and calming
    • Organic blend of essential oils for fragrance*.
    • Vitamin E
    *Denotes certified organic and/or wild crafted ingredient
  • Scoop as much or as little into a bath as you would like and simply relax. To enjoy the full therapeutic benefits of the salts, at least 1 cup of salts per bath is optimal.

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