Siren Salts - Bath Salts

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Artisinal Bath Salts

Everybody wants to be a mermaid, and understandably so! They are captivatingly beautiful, with luscious flowing hair, incandescent skin, and scintillating tails. They are also legendarily dangerous if rubbed the wrong way (can you say man-eater?). Unfortunately, for all of us two-legged folk, the closest we can get to actually being a mermaid might be joining a synchronized swimming  team, or else simply using your imagination... Of course we are more than happy to assist with the latter, and are actually rather qualified to help with the former as well... But we digress. Our bath salts are a luxurious combination of soothing epsom salts, stimulating sea salts, luscious butters, healing herbs and a transportive combination of essential oils, making every bath feel like a day at the spa, or better yet, a day in the sea. It's time to let your inner sea vixen out.