Radiance Nectars - Facial Mists

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Faerie Maiden Nectar
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She-Dragon Nectar
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Warrior Queen Nectar
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Wise Woman Nectar
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Hydrosol Toning Mists

Blending the purest essences of fruits and botanicals- to promote healthy, beautiful skin- with the toning powers of pure witch hazel and the supreme moisturizing abilities of vegetable glycerine... We give you our Radiance Nectars! They are beautiful toners, however, they are also moisturizing on their own in humid climates due to glycerines' ability to actually pull moisture out of the air. In dry climates it is advisable to use a moisturizer or facial oil over top to seal in the hydration and keep reaping the moisture binding benefits of the glycerine. Our Nectars also make out-of this-world make-up setters, leaving you looking dewy and glamorously ready for whatever life throws at you.


These Nectars are true hydrosols, distilled lovingly from organic plant matter to create pure, therapeutic flower waters. These are not the leftover by product of essential oil distillation, nor are they simply essential oils mixed in water like many marketed hydrosols tend to be. They are high quality, carefully crafted, full of light and love, and are created for their own purposes. Because this is a water based formula, we have added a very small amount of Eco-certified preservatives to make sure you get the longest use possible out of this product (instead of just one month or less). They are not listed on the ingredients label because they make up less than one percentage of the formulation (literally mere drops in a gallon). We have chosen the most stable and safest preservative we could find, and although we initially planned to sell these without any added preservative, after much thought we decided that the only way to produce and sell this product properly was to begrudgingly add a small amount to our formula. We hope that this decision is a forgivable one.