Grimm and Glamour Body Butters

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Magickal Whipped Body Butters
There is a singular sensation one experiences when witnessing the unraveling of a tale unknown to them before that moment. Excitement and tranquility combine to form a new state of being... a feeling often described as Magick. There are specific stories within our culture and all the world over that imbue this sense particularly powerfully. Old stories originating in ancient oral story telling tradition from times long past that shift and change from mouth to mouth, all while remaining fundamentally the same...They are those tales we know as Fairy tales. These stories enchant us from childhood and long after by transporting us to dimensions where Magick is real and possibilities are endless. The simplest boy may become King with a little luck, and any girl may be a princess if only she is kind. Some of the most beloved of these tales were recorded by a pair of brothers at the end of the 19th century in Germany, allowing these tales to become widespread and to thrive into an age where verbal storytelling is an art long lost. Though often times brutal, these stories and their adaptations are a rich and seamless part of our present cultural narrative and they will ever hold a piece of our hearts and sprinkle them with the possibility that magick truly, and subtly, exists.
Our Body Butters- with healing Shea butter and coconut oil, luscious cocoa butter, and lovely camellia seed oil infused with yarrow, marshmallow and calendula for their healing and softening properties- are beautifully rich and nourishing to the skin. their scents uplift and warm the spirit while their touch softens and nourishes the body in the same way our beloved fairy tales feed the soul.