Grains of Time

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Summer Blossom Facial Scrub
Summer Blossom Facial Scrub $13.00 CAD
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Grain Based Exfoliants

The Sun rises high into the bright, clear sky above a lovely green landscape dotted with wildflowers in all colors of the rainbow, and eventually sets into the horizon while the magick moon and glittering stars take their place in the ebony heavens. This cycle continues on as the landscape slowly transforms into deep reds and oranges, like brilliantly dancing flames burning brightly across the land. Flowers and leaves wither, and the trees and animals begin their journey into a long and restorative slumber. Eventually the frost comes. Delicate snowflakes fall to the ground, and they fall and fall until the entire landscape is a shimmering, peaceful white. After a time the days start to become longer, the sun warms the earth and the snow turns to puddles. The earth at first is barren and brown and damp, but soon small green shoots sprout up out of the earth, buds form on the branches of mighty trees and the birds begin to sing. Once again the cycle begins, this constant marking of the passage of time. It is a potent reminder of our mortality, and of the universal nature of change, yet also of the beauty to be found in this life time.

Our grain based facial scrubs are full of proteins and vitamins that help to soften and feed the skin. They are incredible exfoliants and will help to promote a radiant, smooth complexion- essentially turning back time on your skin by helping to fade scars and pigmentation, fight blemishes, and hydrate the skin while providing the nutrition your skin needs to rebuild itself. These beauties are gentle yet extremely effective, and you don't have to worry about their effect on our mother earth since they consist of only natural, biodegradable ingredients.