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Wise Woman Elixir

  • She is a woman of wisdom. She possesses great knowledge, great power, and a cultured-yet dark- beauty. Some call her a witch, others a heretic, and yet others a worker of miracles. She is no longer a youth, yet that does not diminish her aesthetic, in fact her age only heightens it. She is called on by many people from far and wide to aid them in different causes, yet her willingness to help only extends to requests that abide by the rede kept by her and her brothers and sisters in arms: 'an ye harm none, do as ye will'. 

    The oils and herbs in this elixir have been chosen specifically for their abilities to promote collagen production, increase elasticity, and help smooth out fine lines. It's so potent that people might start thinking there's some witchcraft involved in your skin care routine too.

    • Organic Oenothera bennis* (Evening primrose) Oil- Rich in nutrients and fatty-acids, Evening Primrose oil will improve skin elasticity, and help to relieve any inflammation and irritation.
    • Organic Prunus dulcis* (Sweet Almond) Oil- Rich in vitamins A,B, and E this oil is amazing for skin rejuvenation. It is high in Oleic acids which is the most beneficial profile for aging skin. It reduces dark circles, minimizes lines and improves over-all skin quality.
    • Organic Persea americana* (Avocado) Oil- Also high in Oleic acid this oil is shown to reduce age spots, stimulate collagen production and restore skins moisture.
    • Organic Althaea officinalis* (Marshmallow root)- Marshmallow is extremely anti-inflammatory. It also stimulates an enzymatic process that significantly increases moisture content in the skin.
    • Organic Equisetum arvense* (Horse tail)- Horsetail has the highest Silica content of any herb, which makes it great for plumping skin and diminishing lines.
    • Organic Cinnamomum spp.* (Cinnamon)- High in anti-oxidants, it is also stimulating and increases local circulation which in turn helps skin become more plump and healthier.
    • Vitamin E- We use non-GMO vitamin E to extend the shelf life of our oil based products. It is an anti-oxidant that is also very good for the skin.

    *Denotes Certified Organic and/or wild crafted ingredient

  • Usage info: Use once or twice a day as a moisturizer, cleanser or serum depending on your preferences. Most effective on dampened skin.

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