Elixirs of Light - Facial Oils

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Demi-God Elixir
Demi-God Elixir $28.00 CAD
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Faerie Maiden Elixir
Faerie Maiden Elixir $28.00 CAD
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She-Dragon Elixir
She-Dragon Elixir $28.00 CAD
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Sylvan Sage Elixir
Sylvan Sage Elixir $28.00 CAD
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Warrior Queen Elixir
Warrior Queen Elixir $28.00 CAD
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Wise Woman Elixir
Wise Woman Elixir $28.00 CAD
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Herbal Facial Oils

Using oil on your face might sound counter-intuitive to many people- but the truth is oils are, in essence, incredibly nourishing skin foods. They are chock full of beneficial fats and antioxidants which keep skin smooth, hydrated, beautiful and healthy-not just 'healthy looking'. Our elixirs are crafted from rich, high quality, nutrient dense cold pressed oils and infused with powerful skin healing herbs to create a facial oil that will truly bring out your glow. We use them as a moisturizing cleanser by splashing warm (most beneficially, softened or filtered) water on our face followed by massaging the oil into our skin and towelling off with a dry face cloth. However, you can also choose to use them post cleanse as a moisturizer or as an extra step before a cream moisturizer. Whichever way you decide to use them, you can bet your skin will thank you. They can also be used on your hair and/or your beautiful body if you so desire. Shine on angels.