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  • Cocoa and Coffee Sugar Scrub
    It seemed a vastly unending period of time had passed in wait before this moment, from caterpillar to cocoon. But finally she was breaking out, breaking apart the last vestiges of her fragile prison, and then she was free. Her wings were spread wide and powerfully beating against the sun-filled air, it felt in this moment, that she had become who she was supposed to be; A magnificent creature of the sky.
    Formulated with exfoliating sugars, softening Camellia oil infused with powerfully soothing herbs and Organic, Fair trade Cocoa powder and Coffee grounds, this gorgeous, stimulating scrub will leave your skin aglow, with your mind and soul refreshed,energized and ready to meet your day with open wings.
    • Organic raw turbinado Sugar- full of Vitamins and minerals, it also provides a very gentle exfoliating action 
    • Organic raw coconut sugar- A dark, rich sugar with larger. courser granules, gread for use on the toughe skin of the body.
    • Fairtrade ground Coffee beans- Anti-oxidant rich, coffee will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and bright.
    • Organic ground Cacao nibs- High in anti-oxidants it is known to hinder the destruction of skin cells and encourage a boost in collagen
    • Camellia sinensis (Camellia oil)- Extracted from the seeds of the tea plant, Camellia seed oil is highly antioxidant, providing healing and protective qualities.
    • Althea officinalis (Marshallow root)- gently soothing and softening, Marshmallow also has anti-inflammatory actions.
    • Matricaria recutita (Chamomile)-, Calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory actions make chamomile an excellent herb for soothing skin irritations and redness.
    • Achillea millefolium (Yarrow)- Yarrow is stimulating, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving, it's astringent action aids in toning the skin and gently healing.
    • Essential oils of Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon) and vanilla planifolia (Vanilla)
    • Vitamin E
  • In a warm, steamy shower, take a a scoop of the scrub and massage gently and thoroughly over any areas that need a little bit of extra exfoliating love. revel in the deliciously invigorating scent and, once you are ready, rinse thoroughly and enjoy the silky softness of your rejuvenated skin.

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