Balms of Everlight

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Fire Light
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Moon Beam
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Star Glow
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Sunburst $20.00 CAD
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Decadent Facial Moisturizers
Light truly is the mother of beauty, for without it beauty would cease to be. Even within language we very often use words that convey light to describe something uncommonly beautiful. Radiant, luminous, sparkling, glimmering, dazzling, glowing, shimmering, stunning, Whether it be a beautiful soul, a pair of striking eyes, a view that takes our breath away; the dancing and shifting of light has all to do with our gilded perception of these wonderful moments. Our luxurious facial butters- made with shea, mango butter and jojoba oil infused with the complexion enhancing Immortelle- are deeply moisturizing and healing. They also help to enhance the play of light on your skin, making it seem as though you are lit up from within