Cyber Monday Sorcery

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Hello my Shining Stars!

I just wanted to let you know about our Cyber Sale! 

Today only, Save 20% off Storewide plus save an extra 30% on all Siren salts! 

this is a deal you don't want to miss, so head on over to our store and treat yourself to some plant-based, natural Skin food to pamper yourself or your loved ones with this Winter. Your Skin will thank you. 

we will see you there💖

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Magickal Black Friday Sale!

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Hello you shimmering snow sprites!

celebrate Black Friday Weekend (Friday-Sunday) by receiving  20% off all Skinchantment orders!

Use code blackmagick16 at checkout 💖

we have some new Magickal potions for you to experience so take a peek at our online store to see what enchanting things we have created just for you!

wishing you Love, Light and plenty of Wonder

Sam and Meg💖🦄🌟


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Fall Fitbox Feature

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Hello my Autumn lovers!

We are so excited to let you guys know that we are featured in the Fall Fitbox this season! This box is seriously cool for so many reasons, including:

  • The fact that it is curated locally by some super awesome Edmonton based entrepreneurs.
  • It is a box designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle by offering everything from beauty to food to fitness accessories in one box.
  • Their signature box has a retail value of over $200 but you can purchase one for only $54!
  • you will get one of Skinchantment's four Meet me at the Masquerade masks in your box!
  • They have a city box curated specifically for your own city (Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon right now), that includes everything in the signature box plus some home-grown, local swag for you to enjoy.

We have had such a blast working with the Team at Fitbox and they have put together an absolutely phenomenal box for you guys, so please,

Check. It. Out.


wishing you so much love, light and plenty of wonder,



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Natural reflections- The Tea Plant

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The Magick of Tea

We all love our tea don’t we? Whether enjoying a steaming cup of it on a rainy afternoon after a hard day of work, or on a bright Sunday morning stewing in the serenity of not having anything to do that day. It is a warm blanket to ease our souls on days of hardship and a quiet celebration to conclude days of  starry-eyed accomplishment. But the plant that we prepare this magick beverage from is good for more than just a drink, it is a balm for the soul and the body.

The Camellia Plant

The leaves of the tea plant have been brewed for centuries, infused and decocted into warming beverages since the stone ages. Thought to have originated in china, the history of this plant is steeped in legends of nobility, Providence, and early discoveries of science and medicine.

Today this plant is coveted across the world as a warming, comforting beverage that we consume for relaxation and, often, for the powerful antioxidants that are abundant within it. Antioxidants, particularly the flavonoid variety that the tea plant contains, can be powerful warriors in the fight against heart disease, various forms of cancer, neurological disorders and a variety of other destructive illnesses. The reason these potent molecules are so effective is because as ANTIoxidants they war against free radicals, reactive atoms and molecules that can cause damage to the living body. Luckily, with the help of different forms of antioxidants existing in our diet and skincare regimes, we are able to keep these destructive rebels at bay.


The oil

The oil extracted from the seeds of the Camellia plant (the tea plant) is incredibly moisturizing and gently nourishing for the skin. When applied it has a velvet- like softness that feels wonderful and decadent, and yet it absorbs quickly and thoroughly into the tissue’s layers. It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, allowing your skin to heal more evenly and with less discoloration, while fading any scars from past wounds. The antioxidants this oil is comprised of help to slow down the aging process, brighten the complexion and even allows for a small amount of sun protection (effective when used in conjunction with your daily SPF).

Drink it up. Slather it on.

If you have ever had any doubts about your obsession with this earthy, evocative plant and the brew that is extracted from its leaves then you must know now, this is a plant worthy of obsession. Drink up my friends. Make it piping hot, sip it on a cold day or a warm night, close your eyes and feel it as your body eases into the warmth of this potent, healing gift. 


may your spirits burn as brightly as the leaves that are falling during this wizened season of fire.

wishing you love, light and plenty of wonder,

Meg <3

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A Place of Dreams

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Have you ever dreamt of a place where all of your worries would suddenly disappear, where hurt and pain and fear were suddenly non-existent and where love could conquer the darkness that once over-shadowed your entire life. Maybe not, maybe you already live a life full of love and joy- with the occasional heartache-and have no need of this dream. Sadly, we all know that there are many, both within humanity and outside of it, who can only imagine a place like this. With them we empathize greatly.

There is a place near our Hometown that provides this idyllic dream to our dear Animal friends; the ones who have suffered, who have been abused or abandoned, or whose lot in life was once to become a slab of meat on a dinner plate somewhere... that is until a girl named Melissa and her wonderful, loving friends came along and decided to do something about it. Even if they couldn’t help every animal in the world, they could try and help as many as possible, and that’s what they did, and that’s what they are still doing.

F.A.R.R.M (or the Farm Animal Rescue and Rehoming Movement) in a physical sense is an Acreage in Wetaskiwin that houses animals from pigs, to goats, to cats and even turtles, who have been rescued from any variety of tragic situation. They are provided with an abundance of food, shelter and love until they either happily live out their lives or alternatively, until a loving family adopts them as their own. FARRM is run by Melissa-whose land the animals reside on, and whose beautifully loving heart founded this organization-  but it is also kept running by her selfless comrades, along with generous philanthropists, whose hard work and donations are necessary to continue providing these animals the wonderful life they have at this enchanting sanctuary.

As a company, and as people, we are invested in the continued well being of this organization and so, you may already know, five percent of our total profit will always belong to them. If you would like to make a donation of your own, or even to set up a visit to this magnificent place, you can visit their website at Remember even a little bit goes a long way.


With love, light and plenty of wonder

Sam and Meg

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The Magick of Flower Waters

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There is nothing quite like the experience of distilling flower waters. The simplicity of the gleaming copper still and the intoxicating scent of the steam are enough to make it a magickal experience, but both are overshadowed by the beautiful liquid that flows enchantingly from the radiant copper. At first glance it may look simply like distilled water, but in the sunlight it is pearlescent, shimmering almost, unlike any kind of liquid I have ever seen. It has transcended our life giving water, and become something sublime and beautiful and healing.

Flower Waters, or Hydrosols, are similar to essential oils, imbuing the same therapeutic properties but to a gentler degree, and even being produced by the same process- excluding a single step. Often, hydrosols on the market are by-products of essential oil production, which means they have been distilled for long periods of time, destroying their quality. Our Hydrosols are produced in small batches for the flower waters themselves, and are extremely high quality, preserving the healing properties of the herbs and extending the shelf life.

Now, to clarify, no two hydrosols are the same. The therapeutic properties range between herbs making them suitable for different things: Roses are softening and beautifying, Lavender is calming and cleansing, Chamomile is soothing and healing, and on and on. Thus our Radiance Nectars- or Hydrosol based Toners- have been formulated to address different skin concerns using potent blends of different hydrosols to target the issue and gently heal them. So whether you are looking for something for acne-prone skin (She-Dragon/Sylvan Sage), Damaged Skin (Warrior Queen/Sylvan Sage), Mature Skin (Wise Woman) or even Sensitive/Normal skin for a little extra glow (Faerie Maiden), we’ve got you covered.  Let us show you the meaning of Flower Power.

 Glow on Babies

With Love, Light, and Plenty of Wonder

Sam and Meg

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Our Vegan Journey

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Veganism seems to be a growing trend these days, and this is something we are both very grateful for. Philosophically and physically we embed veganism into every facet of our lives to the best of our ability, but like so many others we weren’t always this way; although, in some respects, you could say we were both made for this lifestyle.

I feel like the best vegan stories are the ones involving people who started off ferociously omnivorous. You know, the ones who couldn’t ever imagine living without consuming the flesh of another being, who publicly tore down vegans while wearing ‘mmm bacon” emblazoned across their chest loud and proud for the entire world to see....and yet somehow they managed to open their eyes and make the transition to veganism. These kinds of stories are relatable and inspiring to the masses whilst being often, incredibly amusing. Our story is not this way..

When Meg and I were children we were very sensitive. To the point where we would cry out of sympathy when we witnessed a person sitting by themselves in a restaurant. When we consumed meat- which was daily-we were taught (by otherwise very compassionate parents) that it was important, that it was healthy, that there was nothing wrong with it. I don’t remember ever not knowing where meat came from, but I do remember feeling quite nauseous on a regular basis while eating it- that is, until I learned to shove those thoughts to the quietly suffocating place in the back of my mind. We both learned to do that very well for a long, long time.

In grade 8, we had to pair up and pick a debate topic where one of us would take the pro side and the other would argue against it.  Meg and I paired up together and we chose the topic of our debate to be animal testing. I ended up arguing the less compassionate side of the debate. When the day of our class presentation came my argument was weak, alternatively Megs’ was very impassioned. By the end of it, some boys were laughing at us, and venomously interrogated us with the question “are you even vegetarian?”  We didn’t answer and they continued to laugh at our expense.  In a way though, that question sparked something inside of us- regardless of the delivery of the question. We had asked our parents about vegetarianism before, but they had always sort of brushed it off and we never delved into it any deeper. We told ourselves that if our parents thought it was okay, than so it must be. Yet deep within us we knew that eating animals still didn’t sit right with us. We still had those moments when the realization that sitting on our plate was the carcass of an animal would hit us, and we felt unsettled and disgusted. But again, we would numb out our emotional response. We would willingly become ignorant for the sake of convenience, but this feeling was too powerful and our hearts would not let us hide from it forever.

By the time we were 17 we were referring to ourselves as “aspiring vegetarians”. We would tell people that we would only eat meat if absolutely necessary, but otherwise we would strongly prefer not to...Except on those occasions when I would order bacon on a veggie burger and then explain to the puzzled wait staff that I was weaning my way off of meat. I look back on that now and shake my head. When we were 18, during summer vacation at our cabin, we realized we hadn’t eaten any meat over the entire week that we had been there. We said to ourselves, “this isn’t so hard”, and from then on we were completely vegetarian. Unfortunately at this time we did not consider the idea that dairy and eggs could be harmful as well. Actually that is, in part, a lie; the fact is that I was too afraid to look into animal agriculture because I knew that if I was aware of the information I know now I could never justify eating ice cream to myself ever again. So once again, wilful ignorance won the day.

Fast forward two years to our acne breakouts, Meg immediately decided she wanted to cure her outbreak naturally, without conventional medicine. I apprehensively joined her for the sake of not looking like the weaker twin. The first thing she decided to try was a vegan diet. “We eventually want to be vegan anyways” she said “It may as well be now!” So we tried it. Unfortunately our acne wasn’t diet related so it had a very minimal healing effect on our skin, yet Meg kept on. I, however, was not a strict vegan yet. Cheese and ice cream still drew me in too powerfully and I had not yet worked up the courage to look into the production of animal by-products. But over the course of a year I had weaned myself off of all animal by-products (Except for when I cheated with mini eggs at Easter). We started weight training within a year of my vegan transition and each put on 20 pounds of muscle very rapidly. We also quickly got rid of our non-vegan clothes (donated) and cosmetics (tossed out- bad sam! I know that now). By this point we both knew the full reality of the animal agriculture industry, and we were both fairly blindsided by the sheer cruelty of it all. It made us angry, upset, heartbroken and disgusted all at once and for a while I went on a social media scourge and took on anyone I could find arguing against veganism. After a long time I grew tired of arguing with people who would bring up the same arguments, with the same mentality and I decided that by just being me, speaking up in person when I thought it was called for and standing my ground in a compassionate way was a better path to go about giving people an understanding of what veganism is. For both of us that approach has worked wonders. We are very vocal about our veganism and will discuss it at any given moment if it is desired or necessary, but we make our best attempt to do so in an educational manner instead of a confrontational one.

It has now been over five years since we made the transition to veganism, and over 8 years since we have eaten any meat. Our health is off the charts, we have no deficiencies and we performed our best years as athletes on a vegan diet training 30 plus hours a week. We are still active, and we rarely get sick. We will never go back. We have proven to ourselves that we don’t need animal products to survive, and we have science to back us up. If we could give two points of advice to “aspiring vegans” it would be these:

- Take it slow and do your research. Ask questions (we are always willing to help, as are most other vegans). If you jump into it and don’t know where to obtain all of your nutritional needs and decide to sustain yourself on green salads all day, or jump to the other extreme and live on veggie burgers and oreos, than your health is definitely going to worsen. That’s how it is. That is not the result of being vegan, it is the result of poorly educating yourself and not  making sure you are getting all of your nutrition on a daily basis from different sources.

-it is okay to fail. If you mess up (like I did with the mini eggs at Easter), then it’s no big deal. Get up, brush yourself off and try again. Many people will quit something as soon as they make one mistake, which is in all honesty, the worst thing to do. Everyone screws up. You are learning, this a new experience, your body is integrating. Don’t get down on yourself for it, just keep doing your best. That is all anyone can really ask of you. Do your best. Your best might be different from someone else’s, but it doesn’t matter. Every little bit helps. It’s about changing the supply and demand; it’s about doing everything YOU can to make a difference. This is all anyone can expect from anyone else. Perfection is not real, but step by step we can get pretty damn close.

Here are some good web resources and blogs for anyone looking to try and go vegan.

The Vegan Society

This is a great video for vegan newbies

The Vegan RD -Veganism from a nutritionists persective

Oh She Glows-This one is our most used blog

The vegan chickpea- Another great vegan blog

The Minimalist Baker- Yet another one of our go to blogs

and finally The top 50 vegan recipe blogs of 2015


 And with that, all I can add is: Please, please  let us know if you have any questions at all <3

With love, light and plenty of wonder



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