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Skinchantment is a concept that bloomed from out of the minds and souls of my sister Meaghan and myself, Samara (more widely referred to as Sam and Meg). Together we have been on a journey which, eventually, led us to the conception of this company; it is the manifestation of our well travelled road. In 2010, while in the midst of our long and successful competitive journey in the world of synchronized swimming (aka professional mermaiding) we both began to suffer from severe acne breakouts. Presumably, this was due to a medication we had both been on previously to treat a mild case of teenaged acne; a medication we had discontinued using a few months earlier. After doing some reading on the causation of our sudden breakouts we swiftly came to the conclusion that healing our skin naturally was a process that resonated within us, and so began our extensive path of research. After what felt like a millennia's worth of experimentation (in the process of which we began our vegan journey as well) we learned that externally, oils especially were a huge benefit to our skin, and so we began to learn even more about the healing abilities of the earth. Years passed and we continued to learn and educate ourselves on the world of natural skincare and natural healing in general- currently we are both in the midst of studying as herbalists. This venture comes as a natural progression for us, and is essentially a light borne out of a very dark time in our lives. It is part of our rebuilding, our rediscovery, and our conquering of our fears and doubts still lingering from the past. It is also an expression of who we are and what we value deeply in our hearts. The concept of this company emerges from our love of all things magickal and wonderful and our adoration of fantasy literature and mythology. As a whole entity, this company is an embodiment of ourselves, and we strive to do it justice, both in quality and in servitude. There is nothing else in this world that would make us happier than to help people believe in their inherent beauty and feel wonderful enough to show their inner radiance to the world. We sincerely hope you are able find your own form of enchantment in this crazy beautiful world of ours. 



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