The Magick of Flower Waters

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There is nothing quite like the experience of distilling flower waters. The simplicity of the gleaming copper still and the intoxicating scent of the steam are enough to make it a magickal experience, but both are overshadowed by the beautiful liquid that flows enchantingly from the radiant copper. At first glance it may look simply like distilled water, but in the sunlight it is pearlescent, shimmering almost, unlike any kind of liquid I have ever seen. It has transcended our life giving water, and become something sublime and beautiful and healing.

Flower Waters, or Hydrosols, are similar to essential oils, imbuing the same therapeutic properties but to a gentler degree, and even being produced by the same process- excluding a single step. Often, hydrosols on the market are by-products of essential oil production, which means they have been distilled for long periods of time, destroying their quality. Our Hydrosols are produced in small batches for the flower waters themselves, and are extremely high quality, preserving the healing properties of the herbs and extending the shelf life.

Now, to clarify, no two hydrosols are the same. The therapeutic properties range between herbs making them suitable for different things: Roses are softening and beautifying, Lavender is calming and cleansing, Chamomile is soothing and healing, and on and on. Thus our Radiance Nectars- or Hydrosol based Toners- have been formulated to address different skin concerns using potent blends of different hydrosols to target the issue and gently heal them. So whether you are looking for something for acne-prone skin (She-Dragon/Sylvan Sage), Damaged Skin (Warrior Queen/Sylvan Sage), Mature Skin (Wise Woman) or even Sensitive/Normal skin for a little extra glow (Faerie Maiden), we’ve got you covered.  Let us show you the meaning of Flower Power.

 Glow on Babies

With Love, Light, and Plenty of Wonder

Sam and Meg

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