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Hello Earth Warriors!

For this post I wanted to approach a topic a little heavier than just luscious skin care, I want to talk about conscious consumerism, and what exactly that means to us.

Here at Skinchantment we strive to be better every day. We are a conscious company that wants to show you how effective and luxurious simple, natural, plant based skincare can be. We are committed to the ethical production of our body treats, and for us that means causing the least amount of harm possible to all three facets of the natural world as we know them; Animals, Humans, and the earth. We are driven by our compassion for life in all of its forms, therefore we commit to the highest standards available to us. We are completely vegan, palm free and gluten free and the majority of our ingredients are certified organic and/or fair-trade, with the intention of being 100% organic and fair-trade in the future. Our vision is to be able to source our ingredients directly from the producers so we are able to have full access to exactly how our ingredients are being manufactured on all levels, and subsequently offer that transparency back to our customers. We also strive for this so that we can feel comfortable that our high ethical standards are being met.


It is virtually impossible to be 100% harmless, so if none of us can ever be perfectly compassionate in our actions, what is the point?

Well, in our opinion, it is better to do something than nothing at all. Every compassionate choice made everyday makes our world just a little bit better. But you cannot fully act on your compassion until you are aware of the awful truths that exist because of Human impact.  In contrast ignorance, as a choice, is one of the most destructive (if not THE most destructive) mindsets that we can choose to adhere to.  When we consciously decide to blind ourselves to the dark sides of different industries for the sake of convenience, fashion choice or flavour we allow every abusive, grotesque industrial behaviour to continue. But, if we actually decided to open our eyes and bear witness to these horrors, the vast majority of us would be making different choices.

It is not about being ‘vegan’, ‘paleo’, an ‘environmental activist’, or a ‘green consumer’; these are all labels we place on ourselves based on certain decisions we make once we realize something needs to be better.  If you can immerse yourself in the knowledge that surrounds our daily consumption habits, and feel perfectly alright about the choices you have made, with no inclination to change, than that is your prerogative.  However, this is rarely the case.

The question is, once you remove the safety blinders, how will your choices alter?

 As part of an ever-consuming society, we owe it to the world to ask this question, and to discover its answer.

If you are ready to change, and even if you are not sure you are, here are some links to help kick start your conscious evolution. Do your own research, be open to all sides, and you will find your own form of conscious consumerism.


Here is a great article with tips and tricks on how to shop consciously:


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