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Hello snow faeries!

Winter has officially shown her colors (or color to be more precise), here in our home town. Being Canadian, we are supposed to be winter warriors, immune to the cold and lovers of ice and snow. As much as we try and uphold our strong Canadian culture by gritting our teeth and facing her force with a resolve that Elsa herself would be envious of, Mother Nature can take a huge toll- even on our weathered and tough canuck-born skin. We want to help you fight those cracked hands, chapped lips, scaly elbows and dry patches that Winter loves to pester us with. So here are a few tips and tricks to get you through this ethereal season of white.



Gentle exfoliation will help to smooth out those rough patches that exposure to the elements can create and exacerbate. This can be as simple as using ingredients found in your kitchen, or purchasing a product that is fully prepared to do the job. Here is a link to some home made vegan exfoliants that you may enjoy.


Finding a good lip exfoliant can be a godsend when it comes to dealing with peeling, cracked winter lips. DIY lip exfoliants are easy to make and effective. Applying your favourite lip balm after exfoliation and throughout the rest of your day will help in keeping your smoochers primed and ready for any surprise mistletoe encounters you may experience.


For your body, using a dry brush to combat your dry skin is a wonderful way to loosen and remove all of those unwanted dead cells.  We have more info on dry brushing here. Using sugar or salt scrubs in the shower can also be an incredibly luxurious and nourishing way to expose your healthy, incandescent skin. Here are a few homemade sugar scrubs for you to try.



Moisturizing is key to surviving the winter months and emerging out of it with a glowing, healthy complexion. If you have a holy grail moisturizer that you love, but seems to become less effective during the cold months, adding a couple of drops of skin loving oils before application can really pump up the effects of your moisturizer. Adding, Jojoba oil, olive oil, or a gorgeous facial oil to your daily moisturizer are all wonderful options.


If you are a bath lover, adding oils, or bath treats with moisturizing benefits to your bath can help to protect and nourish your skin. If you are too impatient to partake in bath-time and enjoy showers only, moisturizing sugar scrubs or body washes can help you maintain your luminous skin.

After indulging in a  shower or bath, nourishing your body using creams, oils and/or butters will ensure that your skin stays hydrated whilst enduring (or enjoying) the cold weather.


Tip: when Moisturizing make sure that your skin is still slightly damp before applying to your face or body, this will ensure that your moisturizer absorbs easier and faster. If your face is dry and you do not have the time or will to wet it or wash it, applying a hydrating toner or facial spray can be a great way to make sure your face is primed and ready for moisturizing.


These are a few ways we maintain the glow of our winter skin, how do you find your winter glow? Let us know in the comments!

Enjoy this white, shimmering season

because although the sun may slumber

fires ignite in hearths and hearts

 and we are never warmer.

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