How to: Bathe like a Queen

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Ahhhhhh baths. In our opinion bathing is the most luxurious, relaxing and indulgent thing you can partake of within the comfort of your own home, especially if done right with some spa-worthy additions. We happen to take them almost everyday. On that note, let's dive headfirst into this delicious topic- how to bathe like a queen.

Before the bath

Lighting: I find that lighting is one of, if not THE best way to enhance a bathing experience. I personally like it best when I have a source of natural light available. The most serene, relaxing times for me are around dawn and dusk. If I have to bathe where there are no windows, or it is nighttime, and I don't want to bathe in the dark, then some stable and safely placed candles or a small wireless light will do the job quite nicely. I find the actual bathroom lighting is often too harsh for me and takes something away from the experience.

Dry Brushing: you may or may not have heard of dry brushing, but essentially it is where you take a brush like the one pictured above and you gently massage your skin in clockwise motions, starting from your feet and working your way up all the way to your shoulders. It is recommended to always work the motions in towards the heart to promote flushing and stimulation. This method not only exfoliates the skin (many people with body acne finds this helps immensely, myself included), it also stimulates lymphatic drainage among other benefits- here is a great article on the benefits of dry brushing you can check out if you would like to learn more.

Masques: using a facial masque and letting it sit while you bathe is a beautiful way to amplify the spa vibes of your bath while doing some multi-tasking for your skin. When you get out you'll be prepped, primed and ready to do a quick follow up face routine before finishing whatever pampering you need.

Pick and choose- Bath additions

Oils: it is widely documented that our legendarily beautiful queen Cleopatra often bathed in oil, along with milk and honey. She partly credited the wonderful condition of her skin to this habit, and once you start adding oil to your baths you will understand why. We personally do the same. Not only does it negate the need to moisturize after you get out, it makes you full out glow. To utilize, add a quarter cup of any CARRIER oil (I recommend against coconut just because it is a pain to clean out after wards; I myself use extra virgin Olive) to your bath water and soak. When you get out you will notice some oil build up on your skin, but just use a towel (preferably an old one) to pat off any excess, and whatever is left behind will continue to nourish and hydrate your skin. Make sure you are careful not to slip as oil can make the tub a little slick though taking caution when getting in and out of the tun is always a good idea anyways. 

Salts: Bath salts- which are typically any combination of sea salts, epsom salts and any number of other added ingredients- stimulate your skin, helps relieve sore muscles and may increase your uptake of certain minerals, like magnesium, that many people tend to be low on. Therapeutically, a cup or two per bath is recommended, however if you are using more expensive artisinal bath salts, to make them go farther I would add 1/4 cup of your fancy salts and mix with 3/4 cup regular epsom salts, which are fairly cheap.

Bath teas- bath teas are essentially loose herbs added to bath water, which literally creates a tea for your skin. They can be placed in little mesh baggies or tea balls if you are worried about leftover mess. Bath teas can be utilized in a number of ways and for a number of different skin conditions depending on the herbs you use. I will post a separate blog on some examples and ideas for different kinds of bath teas within the next week.

Milk baths: milk or milk powders are often added to baths to soften the skin. Being vegan, we don't use dairy milk powder, instead we use a pure coconut milk powder which also has amazing skin softening properties, and smells absolutely divine.

Scrubs: sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, coffee grind scrubs, scrubbing mitts and brushes. These are all good ways to slough off dead skin. Now, if you dry brush before you get in you may not want to use a scrub, as over exfoliation can also be damaging to the dermis. If you plan on doing some shaving, prepping the area with a scrub is helpful, especially if it too is oil based. I guarantee you will have no need for shaving cream, the razor will glide effortlessly over those glorious legs of yours.

Soap: who could forget about soap in a bathing routine? I think this category speaks for itself, if you gotta lather, you gotta lather.

Bubbles- bubbles, bubbles everywhere. Decadent, beautiful and magickal. Most bubble bath formulations don't typically supply many beauty benefits. But they are hella fun. And we all just want to have some fun right?

After bathing

Face routine- slip on out of your tub feeling clean, relaxed and ready for whatever the world tosses at you. If you have on a masque, wash it off and follow up with the rest of your skin healthy face routine. You will feel like you just treated yourself to a luxurious hour at the spa.

Moisturize: if there were no moisturizing components added to your bath (oil, scrubs) than it is highly recommended you moisturize afterwards, whether with lotion, body oil, etc. This will help your skin retain the moisture, because non-supplemented baths and showers can actually dry out your skin.

Robe and Slippers: if you have nowhere to head out after you bathe, then why not? Slip on that sumptuous robe and comfy pair of slippers, curl up by the fireplace with a warm cup of herbal tea and read a good book or watch some tv. That sounds like heaven to me

Note on Clean up- if oils or loose herbs were used, a quick rinse of the tub may be in order. Herbs can eventually clog the drain so tea balls or tea bags are recommended when using them

In conclusion- go forth and bathe your highnesses. You well deserve it.



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